Kuhl Uberkuhl Cap

Dont let heat drag you down when youre embarking on summer fun in sun. Made with quick drying, moisture wicking fabric, Aussie style KUHL Uberkuhl cap provides light, breathable comfort.

Bask in cool, breathable comfort, sun protection with KHUL Thrive hat. 3D microfiber nylon is designed to keep fabric off skin, while mesh on side panels provides ventilation.

The KUHL Wunderer hat uses same exclusive Koncealer mesh fabric found on radically popular Wunderer shirt on hat side panels so you can enjoy breathable comfort, protection in sun.

The KUHL Uberkuhl visor boasts slim, trim fit for sun protection on face without weight, heat trap of traditional cap.

The KUHL Insider hat offers weather resistance via Dynawax, wind, water resistant fabric with polyurethane coating, synthetic wax, breathability via mesh back panels.

The Tweak beanie offers finely woven knit with warm fleece lining, large embroidered Mammut logo.