Buff Printed Wool Buff

Made from soft, natural merino wool, Wool Buff feels great next to skin, it keeps you warm even when its wet. Its soft, breathable extra layer of insulation you need for chilly days.

Great for fast moving sports in cold conditions, Buff Windproof Buff can be worn 5 different ways from knotted cap to neckerchief to balaclava.

Keep UV rays, biting bugs at bay with Buff UV Insect Shield hat. Wear it all day for sun protection, then again in evening when insects come out to play.

Double layered, Buff CoolMax Reversible hat is perfect for springs cooler days or high elevation excursions. It provides just right amount of warmth without overheating wearer.

The Buff CoolMax 1 Layer Hat uses highly technical CoolMax performance fibers to wick away moisture, dry quickly. It efficiently manages moisture to maximize comfort.

Dont let cold nip at neck, nose or ears. Buff ThermoNet microfiber buff offers maximum protection from chilly winter weather without bulky fabric, it wicks moisture away for comfort.